Forgiveness and acceptance

Forgiveness and acceptance does not make us stupid. It does not mean that we have to trust the person that hurt us. In fact, it can mean that we have finally learned that we cannot trust that person. It doesn’t mean that we have to be friends, lovers, or buddies with that person either. It means that we have learned some healthy boundaries.

Acceptance was a game changer for me. As long as I tried to force the solutions that I wanted onto to the other key people in my life I was frustrated. Accepting my powerless over my husbands drinking released me from the frustration and hurt involved with trying.  Acceptance is not degrading it is empowering because it means that we aren’t going to waste any more time trying to fix or save someone else. We are off the hook of participating in their chaos. It means that we now have the time to do something good for ourselves. It means that we have been liberated.

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